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Where to See the Most Beautiful Danxia Landform in China

Danxia is a landform resembles Karst topography, another drawing card of China. Caused by uplifted continental crust that has been faulted and eroded, it is characterized by red steep cliffs, layered reddish rocks and shallow caves of various sizes and shapes. Top places to see the most beautiful Danxia landform in China including Danxiashan, Mt Wuyi, Taining World Geopark, Longhu Mountain, Zhangye, Chishui and Bajiao Stockade Village.
china danxia distribution map
Distribution Map of China's Most Beautiful Danxia Landscapes (Click the map to enlarge)

Danxiashan World Geopark: A Wonderland where God created Adam and Eva


When God was laboring at creating Adam and Eva, he must do that painstaking job in Danxiashan World
danxiashan world geopark
Danxiashan World Geopark: the Birthplace of Danxia
Geopark(丹霞山), an UNESCO world natural heritage site in Guangdong.

This park crammed with over 680 flat-topped, steep and reddish peaks, is a maze caved by time, romanticized by legends and mystified by rocks taking after various sensitive parts of human bodies, parts differentiating men from women and parts even during the tribal society, those barbarians were trying to hide with leaves or animal furs.
You may blush; you may get awe-inspired by nature in this open air sex exhibition museum.

Geologists, a bunch of fellows who study rocks and terrain with greater zeal than anything else, were not to be distracted by these rocks and made their own discovery. Among 1,200 spotted counterparts throughout the world, Danxiashan World Geopark boasts the most complete, representative and dazzling Danxia formations on earth.

Mount Wuyi: Peaks Saturated with the Aroma of Dahongpao Tea and Zhu Xi’s Philosophy


As an icon of Fujian, both geologically and culturally, Mt Wuyi is too beautiful to describe and too
danxiashan world geopark
Mt Wuyi: Danxia Peaks Saturated with the Fragrance of Tea
important to ignore.

The postcard-perfect scenery, coupled with pleasant climate, allured hungry tribes several millennia ago.
Left behind is a wealth of inspiring legends, myths and man-made wonders. Their enduring legacy comes in form of suspension coffins along the cliffs and quaint villages spreading out along its mountain foots.

Hop on a bamboo raft and drift down along the Nine Bend River to have an intimate affair with Danxia peaks, ascend the winding path of Heavenly Tour Peak to gain a superb panorama, sip a cup of aromatic Oolong tea and sneak into its undisturbed villages to embrace ancient China.

Mt Wuyi, a nexus of religions, philosophy and tea culture, can only be fully enjoyed with all your senses.

Dajin Lake, Taining World Geopark: Dreamy Danxia along Wateredge


taining world geopark dajin lake
Danxia along Wateredge
Among seven heavens to view Danxia landform, Dajin Lake(大金湖) of Taining World Geopark sparkles as the most romantic, dreamy and ethereal one.
Over 200 sparkling reddish Danxia peaks tower above winding rivers which form over 470 gorges. The shimmering Dajin Lake features the biggest concentration of peaks, which are having a party there which never ends.
These naughty peaks compete with each other for the most fanciful appearance. Some thrust themselves abruptly into the sky, some sink into the water mysteriously while some grow so intimate that allows only a boat to pass.

To ensure a visually rewarding experience, traverse the Shangqing Stream to puzzle over its 1100 reddish cliffs honeycombed with windswept caves of every imaginable shape and size. Regarding scale, number and uniqueness, they are simply unmatched. Read More...

Zhangye Danxia: Rainbow-hued Danxia Landform

Nature does not hold back her creativity when sculpture the landform of Zhangye(张掖丹霞).
zhangye danxia landform
Oilpainting Like Danxia Landscape in Zhangye, Gansu Province
 At first, she carved peaks of various shapes carefully before displaying them artistically.
Then, she splashed them with the richest and most dazzling colors.
Mother Nature did not cease her task until a giant oil panting like terrain spanning around 10 square meters is accomplished, with each detail given adequate attention.
The result is a majestic, splendid and bewildering wonderland that allures and enchants...


Recommended Trip Itinerary: Silk Road Expedition



Longhushan Mountain: a Sea of Dragon & Tigers Turned Peaks


longhu mountain
 Tigers, Dragons and Immortals' Kingdom
In their twilight age, the sprawling peaks in Longhushan Mountain(龙虎山) come in clusters and cling to the earth affectionately.
With relative height no more than 240m, these benevolent hills win people’ hearts by their diversity forms, mystique air and exquisiteness, rather than titanic volumes.

During the Three Kingdom Period, when China fell victim to incessant inner wars and Roman was reduced to a slavery society, several Daoism monks found consonance in this unspoilt haven. They created a new creed whose influence outlives its time and becomes the pillar-stone of Chinese faith: Daoism. Preaching idle away life through doing nothing, Daoism has never gained imperial favor like Buddhism, but enjoyed a certain degree of success among the ill-fated scholars, banished officials and gained popularity among the commoners like wildfire.

During its heydays, over 150 monasteries were built here, attracting pilgrims wishing to find serenity which was a luxury during wartime. Over 1,900 years passed, the glamour of Daoism is preserved. Each October, it hosts a Daoism Festival during which the long dead rituals are brought back to life. Zhengyi Monastery, which traces the origination and development of Daoism in China, well worth a visit. Do not miss the ritual banquet enjoyed by high-ranking Daoists and the over 2600-year-old suspension coffins of the ancient Yue tribe.

Bajiao Stockade Village: Eight Cone DanXian Peaks Saluting You under the Foot


bajiao village danxia landform
Bajiao Village embodies  the Soul of Danxia Landform
Bajiao Village(资江八角寨) is a part of Mount Langshan and Mount WanFoshan, an UNESCO Heritage Site.
Its charm is represented by its eight mist-shrouded peaks, a classic scene named “Eight Snails Worship Heaven”. Due to its super natural beauty, it is immortalized by poems and postcards.
Peaks here incline in the same direction, at an angle of 45 degrees, under the guide of an invisible hand of nature.
Experts claim that it embodies the soul of Danxia landform.
This village is accessible by a steep stone trail with 1724 steps. For thrill seekers, go to the Dragon Head, the most precipitous part of this area and a Mecca of Buddhism. To avoid falling into the valley, one needs to go on all fours like a Tibetan.

Fee: 130RMB  Add: Xinning County,Hunan province

Mount Chishui (赤水丹霞): Danxia in her Prime Beauty


Chishui Mountain in Guizhou features Danxia Landform in her youth age, which is supposed to be the most beautiful stage also. Spanning around 1,200 km2, it boasts the biggest and freshest Danxia landform in China. It is included as an integral part of UNESCO world heritage site.
guizhou chishui danxia landform


The six  Danxia landform areas inscribed into UNESCO World Heritage Site are:

Mount Langshan and Mount Wanfoshan (Hunan Province)
Mount Danxia (Guangdong Province)
Taining and Guanzhishan (Fujian Province)
Mount Longhu and Guifeng (Jiangxi Province)
Mount Jianglang (Zhejiang Province)
Mount Chishui (Guizhou Province)
Author: Sophia             Posted on Oct 21, 2013
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