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Orchids in Guangzhou Orchid Garden (Lanpu)

Guangzhou Orchid Garden is the best place to enjoy orchids of all colors, shapes and species in southeast China. Since the 1970s, many presidents and prime ministers were greeted here.

Its western part consists of Fanghua Park and Mingjing Park, while the eastern part is devoted to orchid cultivation. Over 10,000 potted orchids of 200 species, thrive here. In addition, 4,000 other rare flowers can be found inside. Add to the scene is pavilions, mansions, pagodas and corridors and lakes.

We can enjoy those beautiful flowers in a setting similar to Suzhou gardens.

In 2014, the orchid exhibition lasted to Feb 14. Over 3000 orchids of 150 kinds, were displayed here. In this park, you can see two giant trees covered by orchids. These orchids can live well on trucks, rather than earth.

There are three tea houses within this park. Locals love to spend some spare spring weekends by sitting in the courtyard, sipping a cup of fragrant tea and chat with friends, in a place perfumed by the orchids.

Add: Lanpu Garden. No. 901, Jiefang North Rd, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
Fee:RMB 10 tea: RMB 20 TO 30
Open: 8:00 to 18:00
Get in: 5,6,7,10,21,24,33,58,63,101,103
Advised tour time: 1 hour
guangzhou orchid garden
guangzhou orchid garden
guangzhou orchid garden
guangzhou orchid garden
Author: Sophia  Posted on Mar 21,2014  All rights reserved
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