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Mount Danxia in Shaoguan

danxia mountThe so-called Red Stone Park of China, Mount Danxia, is located in Shaoguan of Guangdong Province. Containing the largest and most beautiful scenic area in Guangdong province, it has been honored National Scenic Area, National Geomorphologic Nature Reserve, and National Geo-park etc. since 1988.

Mount Danxia is named for its unique danxia landforms. With a deep red color, bright like sunset glow, Mount Danxia is very different from other Danxia Nature Reserves as it has  typical and complete shapes and owns the most graceful views.

There are over six hundred stone hills, walls, pillars, and stone bridges in Danxia Scenic Area. Between the hills are steep canyons, deep valleys and verdant forests, quiet and graceful. Visitors can take boat trips to enjoy the fantastic scenery of Danxia Scenic Area.

Though the main peak is just 409 meters above sea lever, Mount Danxia is paralleled with Mount Huangshan in oddness, Mount Huashan in deepness and Guilin in gracefulness. Due to the moderate subtropical climate, it is blessed with plenty of rainfalls and yearly monsoons, thus providing a good environment for plant growing. In Mount Danxia Scenic Area, there is a variety of hundred-old trees, some of which even have been alive for three centuries. Among these rare species there is one Phoenix Tree named “Dharma Orchid”, which was discovered in 1987 and only two of this kind has existed in the world.

The Danxia Scenic Area contains three layers, the upper one stands three hills, the middle one is mainly the Biezhuan Temple and the lower one is surrounded by gorgeous rock caves. Apart from the three layers, there are Jing River Scenic Area, Xianglong Lake and Yangyuan Mountain, the most peculiar scenery of the world. Three hundred years ago, when Monk Dangui established Biezhuan Temple, he picked up twelve spots and named them “The Twelve Views of Danxia”.
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Entry Fee of  Danxia Mountain:
RMB 100       RMB 120 (on holidays and weekends)

Cable Car: RMB 55 (round-trip)  RMB 40 (one-way trip up)   RMB 30 (one-way trip down)
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