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Ningde World Geopark

Located in Ningde City, Fujian Province, Ningde World Geopark nestles among the mountain ranges and consists of Baishuiyang Scenic Area, Baiyunshan Scenic Area and Mt Tailaoshan Scenic Area. Embracing granite rocks landform, sea erosion landform and volcanic landform, it is of extremely high aesthetic and scientific study value and is ratified as a world geopark by UNESCO.

Nine Dragon Cave, Feitian Well(飞天井)

Baishuiyang Scenic Area (白水洋园区)

Situated in Pingnan County, Ningde City, 170 km from Fuzhou and 100 km from Ningde city, the 77.34 km2 Baishuiyang Scenic Area comprising 5 scenic sites. It is famous for the most typical, diversified volcanic valley landform and the rare seen shallow water plaza whose bottom is made of one giant silver white flat stone covering an area of 80000 square meters. This stone is clean and even, there is no moss or crackle or sand on it. The water depth just reaches one’s ankles. You can ride a bike or drive on it. It is also an ideal zero risk surf place. Each August, over 20000 people will hold activities include Running Race, Taekwondo, dragon dance, push and pull. You can also walk on this natural bathtub barefooted, feeling the water kiss your feet gently.

 Celebration Activities in Baishuiyang

 Festivities held in Baishuiyang

 Water Splashing Festival

 Happy Time Spent in Baishuiyang

 Walkway in Middle Mountain

 Waterfall in Baishuiyang Scenic Area


 Yuanyang Stream in Baishuiyang Scenic Area

 Shaomao Rock

Shaomao Rock (纱帽岩)

Derives its name from the shape which resembles an ancient governor’s hat, Shaomaoyan has a story also. It is said there was a governor visited this place and was so attracted by the scenery that he quitted his job and secluded here.

Wulao Peak( Five Immortals Peak,五老峰)

Legend has it that there were five immortals playing chess in Wulao Peak, they were so concentrated on the game and forgot the time, finally they turned into stones. Standing on Five Immortals Peak, you can see Baishuiyang lies at your feet very clearly.

Baiyunshan Scenic Area(白云山园区)

202 km from Fuzhou and 37 km from Ningde city, Baiyunshan Scenice Area boasts Longting Valley and Huanglan Valley which competes each other in steepness as well as Chan Stream,Shouyang Stream and Xiu Stream with various scenery. MiuXian Peak is Mt Baiyunshan’s highest point.

Six Features of Baiyunshan Scenic Area

Moulin Clusters or Shijiu(冰臼或石臼): the geological wonder formed over millions of years ago;

Buddha Light(佛光): it is a very rare and marvelous weather phenomenon;

Noon Lotus: it grows in high altitude, is a rare specy. It blossom in high noon, and it is said it will produce a voice when it comes into blossom;

She Ethnic Group’s culture: under the foot of Mt Baiyunshan, you can tour the She people’s villages and experience the original flavor She Culture;

Tea Culture: Tanyang Gongfu Tea enjoys a long history;

Revolution Base in Zhuzhoushan Villiag.

Moulin looks like Ancient Containers for Smashing Rice(捣米臼)

Moulin Clusters

 Monkey Face Moulin(猴面鹰臼)

 Penguin Moulin (企鹅臼)

 Arm Moulin (扞手臼)

Heart-shaped Moulin (桃心臼)

Buddha Light

 Noon Lotus

 Tanyang Gongfu Tea

 She Ethnic Group's Wedding Ceremony

Liyu Stream (carp stream鲤鱼溪)  
Liyu Stream is in Xilugu Village, the widest part is 12 m. there are over hundreds of colorful one meter long carp fish living in this river, whenever people do the laundry along the river, they will throng over and pull the clothes.

Eight Immortals Across the Sea(八仙过海)

There are eight grotesque rocks along the Yellow Orchid River, legend has it that they are eight immortals across the sea. Along the cliffs and thick forest, there are over 80 monkeys.

Nine Dragon Cave(九龙洞)

Located at Nanxi Village, west side of Mt Baiyunshan, Nine Dragon Cave boasts extremely beautiful landform: waterfalls and streams meander their way along these granite rocks and create caves which contain little caves.

 Moulin Clusters in Nine Dragon Cave

  Moulin Clusters in Nine Dragon Cave

  Moulin Clusters in Nine Dragon Cave

  Moulin Clusters in Nine Dragon Cave

Suoquan Temple(锁泉寺)

Located at Suoquan village, west side of Mt Biayunshan, Suoquan Temple was built in 1098 AD in Song dynasty. It is one of the Top Eight Temples in Fu’an. It was damaged during war and rebuilt in 1980.

Moulin Clusters(冰臼群)

Moulin clusters mainly distributed in Mt Baiyuanshan Nine Dragon Cave Scenic Area and Mt Jinzhongshan Longting Stream valley Scenic Area are the most beautiful part of Ningde World Geopark. During the past million of years, they have been hidden under the water until a dam was constructed in recent years and their debuts astonish the world. As the relics of the fourth ice age, they were formed 3 million to 2 million years ago. Compared to moulin clusters elsewhere, Baiyuanshan Scenic Area’s moulin clusters here are quite unique. First, they are bigger and more concentrated. Some moulins are 60m in height, with diameter of 30m, this is never seen before. Second, they have the most diversified shapes and boast most distinctive characters: small mouth and big belly. Bigger moulins shelter smaller ones, making a very interesting phenomenon. The bizarre moulins never seen before have been spotted here also. The Funnel-shaped moulins are the hard proof that this area was covered by glacier millions of years ago. Third, plenty of U-shaped glacier relics are first discovered in south China.

Moulin Clusters

Mt Tailaoshan Scenic Area(太姥山园区)

300km from Fuzhou, 160km from Wenzhou, the 92 km2 Mt Tailaoshan Scenic Area consists of 5 scenic sites,Cold City Ancient Castle and Ruiyun Temple. A serial of undulating mountains measuring 500 to 1000 meters in height are decorated with grotesque stones, bizarre caves, numerous cultural relics and picturesque waterscapes, making this place a top tourism destination in Fujian Province.

The 24.8 km2 Mt Tailaoshan, the essential part of this scenic area, embraces East Sea on three sides, with the 917.3 meters’ peak as the highest point. It consists of seven scenic areas and 360 scenic sites. Rock clusters formed 100 million years to 90 million years ago scatter everywhere in Mt Tailaoshan. Besides, over one hundred caves are distributed here, some caves have waterfalls, some shelter smaller caves, and some are home to rare flowers. It is said it takes 28 days to see all the caves here. The 2000 square meters Hulu Cave can contain one thousand people and is decorated with precious orchid flowers which emit fragrance. Jiangjun Cave (General Cave) is composed of one dozen of caves, which is 977 meters long and have four entries, it has scenic sites include “Three Strips of Sky”, “Echoing Cave” and “Listening to Spring in Cave”. “Echoing Cave” is narrow and winding, one cannot see front and back but can hear others dozens of meters away clearly. Standing on Mt Taishanshan peak, you can see Mt Yandangshan in north, Mt Wuyishan in west, and East Sea in east.

 Mt Tailaoshan

 Overlook East Sea of Mt Tailaoshan

 Mt Tainaoshan Near East Sea

 Grotesque Rocks Scatter in Mt Tailaoshan

 Rocks on Mt Tailaoshan Are Very Unique

 The Site Where Tailao Buddha Ascending to Heaven


 Cold City Ancient Castle

 Cold City Ancient Castle's Well

Jiuli Stream( Nine Carp Stream, 九鲤溪)

Situated at the west side of Mt Tailaoshan, Jiuli Stream boasts exuberant plantation and picturesque scenery. Zigzag its course 25.86 km long, Jiuli Stream develops 13 branches along Mt Tailaoshan, and there are over 20 scenic sites dotted along its way. If you tour this place with bamboo raft, you will pass 16 abrupt turning points, thus it is really exciting. Xikou Waterfall (溪口瀑) jumps from the 60 meters high cliff before it reaches the deep pool. Standing at the foot of it, you will see the water splash against the rocks and make thundering voices, just like fighting animals. Longting Waterfall (龙亭瀑) is under the foot of Lianhua Peak, it is 120m long.

Cold City Ancient Castle(冷城古堡)

Located at the east side of Mt Tailaoshan, this scenic site is actually an ancient village. During Ming dynasty (1368-1644), local people built a castle to defend the enemies from the sea. It is 1127 meters long, 5.6m in height and 4.6m in thickness. This castle leans on a cliff on north, and there are 3 gates on three directions respectively. It is a good place to see ancient Chinese architecture and cultural relics. Cold city has profound cultural background also. Zhu Xi(朱熹) once gave lectures here.

Travel Tips

Ningde has Subtropical marine monsoon climate, with annul temperature of 14℃-20℃, July with highest temperature of 28℃-29℃ and January with lowest temperature of 8℃ is its hottest and coldest month respectively. Generally speaking, it is suitable for travel in Ningde all year around. From Each March to June is rainy season in Ningde. July to September has strong typhoon. Pay close attention to weather forecast.

Small Village Under the Foot of Baiyunshan

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