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Danxiashan World Geopark


Danxiashan Geopark lies 56km away from Shaoguan city, Guangdong Province. Together with Mt Luofushan, Mt Boluoluofushan, Mt Zhaoqing Dinghushan, they are esteemed as the top four mountains in Guangdong province. This 4A-level national scenic site runs a distance of 17.5km from East to West and 22.9km from South to North, covering an area of 290 square km, with 180 square km falls into the category of Danxia landform which is renowned worldwide for its most massive scale and unparallel beauty.

Danxiashan Geopark Boasts the Most Massive and Best-developed Danxia Lanform on Earth

Among approximately 1200 Danxia landforms on earth scattering mainly in China, West America, Middle Europe and Australia , Danxiashan Geopark boasts the most complete Danxia landfom types, the most diversified rock shapes and the most enchanting scenery. In a word, Danxia Landform finds the fullest expression here in the world.

Narrowly speaking, Danxiashan Geopark refers to Mt Zhanglaofeng, Mt Hailuofeng and Mt Baozhufeng only, with the 409-meters-high Baozhufeng as the peak. From the broad sense, Danxiashan Geopark is the Danxiashan Scenic Area which stretches 290 square kilometers, occupied by mountains ranging from 300m to 500m, with the 618-meters-high Mt Bazaifeng as the highest one. Though dwarfed by other mountains in China, they combine the delicate beauty of Guilin and the grotesque beauty of Yellow Mountain. Within its territory, 12 scenic sites appraised over three hundred years ago are embedded among the green forest, and over 380 stone castles, bridges, peaks and cliffs dash from the ground against the blue sky.

Characterized by colorful rocks like the multi-layers of burning clouds with various shades of red, this kingdom of stone artworks shaped by the hands of nature just looks like a red sandstone sculpture garden, thus nicknamed as China Redstone Park.

 Grotesque Stones

 Red Sandstone Erroded by Wind and Rain

 Stone Shaped like Sailboat

 Stone Dashed from the Ground

 Danxia Sandstone

 Caves Formed by Wind

 Natural Shiled

 Art of Nature

Main Facts

Danxia Geopark was an ocean in ancient times, whose basin emerged in Paleozoic era (570million to 245million years ago), took shape as well as evolved during the Mesozoic era (250millionto 6.5million years ago) and reshaped in Cenozoic era (6.5 million years ago). It showcases the terrain’s complete altering process. The sandstone was formed during the period 70 to 90 million years ago. Then, during the Himalayan uplifting process over 23 million years ago, this place underwent dramatic changes into the most enchanting scenery site.

Except the enticing landscape, well-preserved ecological environment, rare fauna and flora species, Danxiashan Geopark is bestowed with rich cultural context. Southwest of this park lies the skull fossil relics of Maba Primitive man. Near Lion Rock (shizi yan), there is the ancient civilization’s relics traced to 6000 years ago.

This geopark’s Danxia landforms are developed less than 10 square kilometers by far, thus have big room for development.


It is divided into Zhanglaofeng Scenic site, Yuanyangshi scenic site, Xianglong Lake, Jinjiang scenic site and Bazai Scenic site.

 Chahu Mountain (teapot mountian)

 Danxia Landform


 Villages Under the Foot of Mountains

 Bizzar Mountian


 the Striking Danxia Lanform Scenery

  Beautiful Cliff

Zhanglaofeng Scenic site

Zhanglaofeng Scenic site enjoys the longest tourism history. The most representative Danxia Terrain finds full expression on the upper part of this scenic area consists of three Landmark mountains (Zhanglaofeng, Hailuofeng and Baozhufeng) with steep cliffs. Biechuan Temple claims the middle area while Jinshi Yan(literally means colorful rock) Temple occupies the lower area.
Yuanyangshi Scenic

It echoes Zhanglaofeng Scenic site across the river, deriving its name from a natural stone shaped like man’s pinous. It is 28 m in height, with 7meters’ diameter. Under the wind erosion, it is separated from the mother stone over 300,000 years ago. It is so vivid and vigorous, that will put man into shame on beholding it and woman will feel their heart beat quickly. According to local custom, if you want to have a son, you can pray before it. This becomes one of the iconic site in Danxiashan Geopark and reputated as the number one unique stone on earth.

Xianglong Lake Scenic site borders Zhanglaofeng on south, deriving its name from its shape which resembles a flying green Chinese dragon. Over 20 scenic spots scatter along this river, and on the cliffs, stone sculptures themed with dragon can be found. Not far away locates the famous Yinyuanshi which resembles a virginal, together with Yangyuanshi, they are called the two outstanding works of nature.

Shaoshishan Scenery Area southeast of Danxiashan Geopark. Covering an area of about 60 square km, it is a ideal place for adventurers to explore the ancient relics. Legend has it that Shun Emperor once toured around in this area over 4000 years ago and played the music which is so charming and intoxicating that even the rocks can feel its beauty and turned into the most bizarre shapes which becomes today’s “thirty six stone” scenery site. Many scholars and poets drop lines to preach its charming beauty.

 Yuanyang Stone: 28-meters-high, with 7meters’ diameter

Jinjiang scenic site

Jinjiang Scenic site stretches a length over 30 km, instilling vigor into Danxiashan Geopark.
Flanked by cliffs on both sides, Jinjiang River flows like a ribbon, connecting Zhanglaofeng, Yuanyangshan, Shaoshishan scenic areas together and composing an eye-dazzling and stunning scene, thus is famed as the gallery of landscape.

Tongtai Bridge is the biggest natural stone brigde, it is 15 high and spaning 38 m.

Flora and Fauna

Danxiashan Geopark owns 1916 kinds of plants, 288 kinds of birds, 88 kinds of mammals, and 1023 kinds of insects. 23 plants and 66 animals enlisted as the endangered species.

 the Rare Heque Flower

 the Jinbian Lotus (Colorful Rim Lotus)

 the Rare Danxianshan Indus Flower

 Rare Mushroom

 the Rare Green Lizard

 Young Tigers

Further Reading

Formed by reddish conglomerate and sandstone under the joint forces of humid weather, erosion as well as uplifting, Danxia Landform distinguished by red cliffs and rocks is extremely appealing to the eye. The exuberant forest dotted spectacular red peaks, pillars, cliffs and imposing gorgers, home to numerous endangered and rare flora and fauna species. The sharp contrast of red rock against green forests and blue rivers is a striking feature of China Danxia and renders great scenic appeal. No wonder Danxia Lanform has been the object of photographers, poets, and painters since ancient times.

Except the high aesthetic value, Danxia Landforms breed rich culture also. Danxia landform characterized by spectacular cliffs and big chucks of erosion rocks with various shapes in red or purple color, which omits the feeling of auspicious, stately and magnificent, overlapping with Chinese traditional culture and religion’s prevailing color. The seamless integration of natural beauty with mysterious flavor makes Danxia landform an ideal religious place. Jiangxi province’s Longhu Mountian shelters many stone sculptures, statues and paintings along the cliffs, while Danxiashan Geopark houses a large number of stone sculptures.

The concept of “Danxia Landform” is put forward from Danxiashan Geopark. In China, over 650 Danxia landforms in Chinait are mainly distributed in the southeast and middle China, Sichuan province and along the Silk Road. Generally speaking, South China boasts a larger number of Danxia landforms with more diversified shapes, types and flora as well as fauna species. The humid South China’s Danxia Landforms have close relationship with ancient village culture and tomb culture, while the dry North China shows strong bond with grottoes art and religious culture.

Travel tips
Weather in this area is quite pleasant all year around. Best travel Season: March to May, October to December
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Danxiashan Geopark is a Poem Written by the Lines of Green Mountian and Crystal River

 the Geogeous Sandstone Landform

Mt Chahufeng Bathing in Mist


 Mountains "float" in Mist like Islands

 Sister Maintain

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