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Panjin Red Beach - Best Sightseeing Destination of China


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Located in Panjin city, Liaoning Province (550km from Beijing, 155km from Shenyang city, 260km from Dalian and 102 km from Jinzhou downtown), Red Beach Scenic Area covers an area of 133333333m2 and is renowned for the fantastic “red beach”. Blessed with the largest and best preserved wetland in the world, it harbors 266 kinds of precious birds and 399 kinds of wild animals. Besides, it also boasts 573 333 333m2 reed wetland which is unseen anywhere in the world, where rare birds include Red-crowned Crane, thrive. 

Red Beach comprises three scenic spots: Red Beach Dock, Reed Sea Crane-watching Area and Moon Bay Wetland Park.

Red Beach Dock sits at the delta area where the Niao River flows into the sea. It is the only pure wood architecture sits above the mud shoal in the world. The “Nine Bend Gallery Bridge” zigzags its course 618 m long before sliding into the ocean. Supported by 519 wood columns, it is very stable. The 2000m2 wood sightseeing platform towers above the Red Beach and offers spectacular perspective of Red Beach. Tides come and recede, bringing splendor and thundering voices. The secret of “Red Beach” lies in a plant named blite. Blite can only survive in salty area. The interesting phenomenon is that the more sea water it sucks, the deeper color it will adopt. Each May will see this plant burst out buds. While June, July and August will witness it grow taller and transform from emerald green to burning red. From September to November, it will turn brown red or purple. Besides pleasing your eye, it can feed your stomach also. This plant is eatable and has saved the local people in the 1950s when one famine stroke China.

Panjin Red Beach

Reed Sea Crane-watching Area: Reed wetland here is the largest in the world. It expands 130km long and 28km wide, offering a strong vision compact. During autumn, the white reed flowers will fly amid the air, creating poetic beauty. While each March will witness the migrants fly here successively, bringing much vibrancy to this green land. Amid the ocean of reed stands a pavilion, the best bird watching site. Reed here is used for making paper also. This area harbors 19 kinds of birds under strict protection include the Red-crown Crane. It also boasts one wetland museum, horse racing and SUV drifting fields as well as reed sea adventure activity.

Red-crown Crane

Moon Bay Wetland Park: this park floats among the expansive reed wetland undisturbed. The flowing water bestows it with elegant shape which resembles new moon, hence its name. Entertainment activities here include Root Sculpture Exhibition, recreation above water and boating.

Panjin boasts the largest reed wetland in the world

How to reach here: Panjin city is accessible by trains and buses.

Beijing to Panjin City:
(1)take the D train, you will reach it in 4 hours.
(2)take the long distance buses from Beijing Bawangfen Bus Station.  The operation hour is from 7:00am to 5:00pm. It will head for Red Beach every hour and reach the destination within 50 minutes. The fee is 149RMB.
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