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Shuanglang Fishing Village

Shuanglang is a small town to the northeast of Dali and it has a honorable title: the most scenic town around Lake Erhai. This small town, or rather a fishing village, doesn’t have many sights to offer but it is no less charming due to that tranquil, slow-pace and peaceful life it leads. It is beautiful all year around. In spring, flowers come into blossom and temperature is comfortable. In summer, it is cool and a good place to beat the heat. In fall, there is very little rain and blue sky and white clouds can be seen every day. In winter, it is the heaven to soak up the warm sunshine. 
In a sunny afternoon, it is ideal to treat yourself to a cup of coffee while getting seated lazily on a terrace overlooking the Lake Erhai. You couldn’t help noticing the blue at the intersection of the lake and sky is so much alike that there is no apparent horizon line. And when you are simply absorbed in the soothing tranquility of the pleasant moment, the breathtaking sunset scene suddenly catches your eyes. The setting sun generously casts its last rays on the surface of the water, lending it an orange tint. 
Apart from this, you may also go fishing on a small boat with the villagers who live mainly on this or take a nice stroll around the village and the nearby small islands such as Yuji, Jinshuo and Small Putuo, which are also very scenic. 
If you happen to be a foodie, you should definitely try the local dishes. Top dishes include braised grass carp (黄焖草) and rushan cheese (乳扇), which is a local flavor of ethnic Bai people.
Admission is free and it takes about 1 hour or so to drive from Dali Old Town to the town. Bus is available from North Bus Station to Shuanglang at the cost USD3 or so.
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