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Erhai Lake, A Lake with Secret

Just as Dali is the must-see of Yunnan Province, Erhai Lake is a must-see in Dali. Erhai Lake, the mother lake of Bai Minority, features agreeable weather, enticing scenery and exotic ethnic flavor. It is a romantic place suitable for honeymoon, her endless charm derives from the serenity which can soothe all the wounds of your soul and the passion which can stir your widest fascination. Wondering around her, you can watch the snow mountain and clouds which blend with the transparent lake water, releasing your feelings and relaxing from the real sense.

Located at northwest of Dali, Erhai lake covers an area of 252.91 km2 and reaches 21.7m in the deepest part. Take a bird’s eye view, it resembles a new moon set into the silver Cangshan Mountain and Dali Dam. It is the second largest highland Lake in Yunnan and the number seven fresh water lake in China. With an altitude of 1972 meters, it stretches 41.5 km from south to north and contains 3 islands, 4 peninsulas, 5 pools, 9 turns and many beautiful bays.

With crystal clear lake water, Erhai is famed as the jade among the mountains. Tranquility alternates with restlessness in Erhai Lake, representing different beauty. It is a lake with secret. Legend goes that one princess of Dali fell in love with a handsome hunter, but her father objected their love and turned the hunter into a stone before dropping him into the lake. This bad news struck the princess like a thunder from blue sky and she became the clouds. Since then, each time she passed along the lake, this tranquil lake will surge like sea.

Natural wonder such as sunrise, sunset and morning mist here are intoxicating. The moonlight view here, in particular, is most fabulous. Bathing in the moonlight, you can even read book. The local people believe that moon here are bigger and brighter, and they summarize Dali’s beauty into four words: Xiaguan wind, Shangguan flower, Cangshan Mountain snow and Erhai moon.

Erhai Lake has seven functions: supply fresh water to local people, irrigation, weather regulation, fishery, shipping and tourism. It was formed during the late stage of ice age and was recorded as early as Han dynasty

Little Putuo Island: (Putuo is a famous buddhism mountian in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province.) With a circumference of only 200meters, it floats in the Erhai Lake like a tiny square seal. Legend has it that it is left by the Goddness of Mercy (Guanyin), after she defeated the dragon resided in this lake. Scenic spots of this island include the Guanyin Pavilion. Constructed during the Ming dynasty in the 15th century, this two story building themed with Buddhism is of high aesthetic value. The snack stalls here sell the delicious fish and shrimps, offering you a bite of Erhai Lake.


erhai lakeerhai lake moon

Erhai lake sightseeing platform

Moon is especilly bright and big here

erhai lakeerhai lake

Erhai, a lake of secret

Unique architecture of Bai Minority

erhai lakeerhai lake

Xiao Pu Tuo Island (Little Putuo Island)

the aerial and poetic beauty of Erhai


 Gallery& Map of Erhai Lake



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