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Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture Museum

Situated at No 8, Erhenan Road, Xiaguan Town, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture Museum was established in 1986 and it is the first museum in Yunnan province. Catering with the principles of modern architecture, this museum features symmetrical layout and breathes an air of magnificence. Bai Minority’s traditional building materials and decorations are widely adopted to create a masterpiece embodying modernity and tradition. The main entry gates, guest rooms, exhibition rooms on the axis are all connected by exquisite galleries, and various elements coexist harmoniously. Against the lush pines trees, cypress and colorful blossoms, this integrated architecture presents itself elegantly.

As a museum imbued with rich Bai Minority flavor, it enjoys long history also. Dali, a city of over 4000 years old, was the transport hub along the Silk Road during Han and Tang. Nourished by the advanced civilization of central China, Bai Minority (the main inhabitants of Dali), has created glorious culture and legend of their own. Nanzhao Kingdom (738-902) and Dali Kingdom(937-1253), two local government kingdoms of Tang and Song dynasties respectively, are renowned for their prosperity and splendid culture with lasting influence. Boasting 266 cultural relic protection sites, Dali is a key archaeological area in China and ranks atop among more than 30 ethnic autonomous prefecture areas.
Fashioned after the antique palace style, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture Museum also absorbs the essence of Bai Minority's residence: three houses and one screen wall which form an enclosed space of courtyard or four houses encircle five patios. Marbles, wooden sculptures and fabulous paintings are widely applied. Bai Minority values the aesthetic beauty of their houses to such a degree that they will devote lifelong time and spend every penny on them. Besides, you can discern the traces of Chinese garden art here. Screen wall, the most decorative part in Bai Minority residence, is made of bricks with relief sculptures. Vivid patterns are used to bring out dimensional effect and graceful landscape paintings are embedded into the screen wall. The foot of this wall is fringed with fragrant flowers and is decorated with fish images which metaphor stableness.

What to see?

This museum shelters the most complete relics of Nanzhao kingdom and Dali Kingdom, two prime eras of the Bai minority culture. Bronze artwork, ceramics and stone carvings are the main exhibition items. Within the past decade, this museum has expanded quickly. Among its over 7000 pieces of historical and cultural remains, the bronze drums and music bells of Warring States period are rare seen treasures. Among its 12 exhibition halls, 8 are opened to public all year around: "Bronze Ware Exhibition Hall", "Nanzhao Dali Kingdom Cultural Relics Exhibition Hall", "Nanzhao Kingdom Stone Sculptures Exhibition Hall", ""Nanzhao Kingdom Painting Exhibition Hall" "Pottery&Ceramic Display Hall", "Marble Display Hall" "Bai Minority Folklore Exhibition Hall" and "Dali Contemporary Revolution History Display Hall". By now, this museum functions as a center organization to explore, unearth, collect and exhibit cultural relics in Dali.

Traffic: you can take the bus 6 in Xiaguan Town, Dali City or walk there.

Climate&best travel time: it belongs to low altitude plateau monsoon climate featuring vague distinction of four seasons. Blessed with average annual temperature of 15 degree, it is suitable for travel all year around especially during March and April (lunar calendar) for lots of festivals will take place during this periods.


 dali museum dali museum exibitions

 Jade Artwork


 dali museum buddha statue dali museum woodcarving buddha

 Dali is imbued with rich Buddha atmosphere

 Wood Carving Buddha Statues


For more photos, Click: Gallery of Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture Museum



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