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Xiaohuang Dong Village and Kam Grand Choirs

Though a little out-of-the-way, Xiaohuang Dong Village(小黄侗寨) hailing from the outskirt of Congjiang County will glorify your epic journey to southeast Guizhou magically. Encircled by hills on four sides and chained up by a crystal-clean stream, Xiaohuang Dong Village epitomizes the essence of Dong culture: drum towers, wind-rain bridges, Dong folk songs, Lusheng Dance (Reed-Pipe Dance) and most importantly, the most beautiful Kam Grand Choirs on earth.
xiaohuang dong village
 Xiaohuang Dong Village is famous for the most beautiful Kam Grand Choirs on earth

Around 3000 lucky dwellers from 662 households call this poetic sanctuary home. Among them, over 1000 are professional folk singers, who form 20 regular orchestras. As the only source of entertainment, folk songs prosper and are valued and practiced by all villagers from cradle to candle. To outsiders, the sheer diversity, passion and beauty of these songs imbued with exotic appeal, are simply overwhelming and spellbinding.
xiaohuang dong village
One third of the villagers are professional folk singers (the concert of Kam Grand Choirs)

Dong people’s folk songs fall into many variants, such as Wine-Proposing song, Block-the-Way Song, Caitang Song, Admonishing Song and Etiquette Song. They are so deep-rooted and influential that any grand occasion or festival won’t be complete without them. Dong people here celebrate harvest, festivals, wedding and funnels with folk songs. Song is also closely related to love life. During the past, those who cannot sing will have difficult to find a wife.
xiaohuang dong village
 Three Dong villages: Xiaohuang, Gaohuang and Xinqian, collectively known as Xiaohuang Dong Village, are inhabited by over 3000 Dong people.
Among all the folk songs, Kam Grand Choirs, a rare gem in the realm of folk music, sparkles and lures people for its sublime flavor, sophisticated patterns as well as exceptional touching, expressive and euphonious voice. It is no exaggeration to say it is the purest voice inspired by nature (the chorus of insects, the murmuring streams, the splashing waterfalls, the whistling gale and the chant of forest) as well as the most aerial and celestial soul music springing from the innermost of heart. That explains why it can arouse our passion, vision and aspiration so easily.
xiaohuang dong village
 Among the assorted folk songs, Kam Grand Choirs here stands out as the most notable. Hence, Xiaohuang Dong Village is reputed as “ Land of Kam Grand Choirs.”

For Dong people, singing is a lifelong pastime, career and mission.
Training begins very early in life. So when they are five years old, they can enter an orchestra of their own age and voice type. The most gifted singer will shoulder the mission to train others since they are kids, for free. These teachers are revered by all villagers. From cradle to candle, Dong villagers here can choose a fitting orchestra all the time.
xiaohuang dong village
 Insulated like lonely islands it is, this heaven suitable for hermits and outcasts, also appeal to musicians and intrepid souls.

One of the biggest advantages to visit Xiaohuang Dong Village is that you can enjoy a wide spectrum of Kam Grand Chorus sung by different genders and ages. Kam Grand Choirs performed by very young children features sweet, lively and innocent beauty, Kam Grand Choirs performed by young girls is pure, tender and passionate, Kam Grand Choirs from men are penetrating, haunting and vibrant, which can stir a sense of grandeur. This polyphonic singing incorporating soprano, mezzo-soprano and contralto (women) or countertenor, tenor, baritone, and bass (men), is characterized by elegant rhythm, fluid and soft melody as well as harmonious mixed notes. (For those independent travelers, chance will be that they may miss Kam Grand Choirs, for one needs to book in advance. the scale of the orchestra varies with the number of travelers and the money paid. To save money and trouble, you are highly recommended to use absoluteChinatours’ tailor-made travel service).
xiaohuang dong village
 To highlight the importance of singing, there is a saying goes: “rice nourishes the body and music nurtures the mind”. 

If comparing Kam Grand Choirs like a banquet, then opera will be a side dish. The unassuming Dong opera nourishes locals’ life. Opera stages always accompany drum towers. Count the number of drum towers a village has, you will know how many drama stages it possesses. Dong drama originated from early 19th century, is performed during big gatherings. Accompanied by Hu Qin(Hu Fiddle) and Ox Leg Qin as well as beat music instruments, the performers usually put on Dong attires, which breathe full of ethnic flavor.
xiaohuang dong village
 Locals also remark: “those who cannot sing will age quickly.” 

Another heritage of Dong villagers here is their ethnic attires. Dong men usually wear double-breasted tops, loose pants and checkmate headwears, while women put on fitting dresses, leggings, aprons as well as silver hairpins. Embroidery is a must-learn of each Dong woman. Since young, they pick up this skill. Dong people’s fabrics are very beautiful. Dyed with indigo, they will be coated with egg white. After dried, they will by pounded by a wooden stick for thousands of times. Thanks to the egg white, these fabric feature unique brightness and texture.
xiaohuang dong village
 During the past, Dong young men who cannot sing will have problem to find a wife.

Travel Guide

Location: 15 km from Gaozeng Township, Congjiang County, Guizhou

Feature: hear the most beautiful Kam Grand Choirs on earth
xiaohuang dong village

Opinions from those who have been there

Old Kid: the road to Xiaohuang Village is bumpy earth road; you cannot find it on GPS. Girls here are beautiful and hospitable. My friend booked a Kam Grand Performance for me in advance; hence I have the privilege to enjoy a small scale concert in this poetic village. I asked them to sing more, they replied: “you can sit on my knees and enjoy my singing.” Embarrassed, I do not know how to do. I told my friend about this interlude, he laughed like a shaking leave and told me when in Rome, do as the Romans do.
xiaohuang dong village
One of the most memorable thing here is to join in the Long Table Banquet. To make it a reality, you had better contact We can bring you into Dong people's world.

Christina: Gongzeng Dong Village is famous for Dong beauties and Xiaohuang Dong Village is famous for Kam Grand Choirs, the best  in the world. Many villagers here have visited Japan, France and America to perform their folk songs.
xiaohuang dong village
xiaohuang dong village
xiaohuang dong village
xiaohuang dong village
If you want to experience Long Table Banquet, it is a wise choice to use Absolute China Tours's travel service. We can book in advance for you and save your money.
xiaohuang dong village
xiaohuang dong village
Amid the lush forests and serene valleys, antique wood stilt houses, aged wind-rain bridges and soaring drum towers cry for your attention. Due to their remoteness, the most unique custom, tradition and lifestyle remain intact.
xiaohuang dong village
xiaohuang dong village
 Dong Cuisine
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