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Ci Qi Kou (Porcelain Village)

 Ciqikou ancient village, Chongqing, China


►Spotlight in Ciqikou ancient village:
♦View the ancient architectual styles.
♦Enjoy the local tea bars.
♦Appreciate the Sichuan Opera.
♦Taste the mouthwatering Chongqing delicacy.

Situated on the bank of the Jia Ling River(嘉陵江), not far from its confluence with the mighty Yangtze River is the ancient village of Ci Qi Kou(磁器口古镇), formerly known as Long Yin(龙隐). Covering an area of some 1.2 sq. km, it is 14 km to the west of Chongqing Municipality.

the gateway of Ciqikou ancient village, Chongqing, China

The history of Ci Qi Kou
The history of Ci Qi Kou can be traced back to more than 1700 years. Most of the houses made up of bamboo and timber dated from the Ming and Qing Dynasties during which many masterpieces of Chinese architecture were created. The three notable attractions of the village are the tea bars, the artists' studios and the Shu Embroidery (蜀绣, "蜀" is the shortname of Sichuan Province)workshops. Surprisingly, there are more than a hundred tea bars each with their own particular characteristics. Here friends enjoy a chat or meet to discuss business. So the tea bars offer the opportunity for you to meet the locals and also become acquainted with the unique Sichuan folk opera(川剧).

the pathway of Ciqikou ancient village, Chongqing, China

You must be amazed by the quality of the work on show and in progress as the many artists record the local scenes with skill and dedication. With so many artists working in Ci Qi Kou, you will be spoiled for choice when seeking a souvenir of your visit. Ci Qi Kou is opening her door for these who want to know more about Chinese culture.

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