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China Luxury Travel

Our most luxurious China Tours are designed for people who like to experience China in complete luxury and enjoy V.VIP treatment.The trip to China is not merely featured with luxurious hotels but something really special and extraordinary you could ever imagine.

-Deluxe rooms in best luxurious hotels we carefully selected in each city, providing you with a quality that exceeds the standard of 5 star or deluxe 5 star options available on other tours.

-The tours are provided exclusively for private groups, families and individuals with professional, informative and rich China travel experienced tour guides of excellent English ability.

-Guests are never led to tourist restaurants and souvenir shops, but are introduced to places that are the privilege of those in-the-know.

-Maximum group size of 16 people. Groups of 6 and more people shall be accompanied not only by a local guide but also by an experienced national escort to make sure that each trip to China is treated elaborately and receives only the very best.

Join us at Absolute China Tours and we will give you memories to last for a lifetime.

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