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Mt. Qingcheng



the gate of Mt.QingchengLocated in the

Dujiangyan Scenic Area

 , the

Mount Qingcheng

  (literally means "green city") was known as "Mount Zhangren" in the past. It is one of the holy mountains of Taoism in China. The main peak is called


 that has height of 1260 m above the sea level. The entire area is evergreen so that people later called it Mount Qingcheng. It is divided into the front and back zones. The front side is the main part of the scenic spot that covers an area of 15 sq. km, with tourist attractions such as Jianfu Palace, Picturesque Natural Landscape, caves and temples. The back side takes up an area of 100 sq. km having beautiful natural scenes like crystal-clear water, dense forest and towering peaks.


"Serenity" has been a word to describe the Mount Qingcheng since ancient time. This is because the mount's tranquility with majestic ridges and magnificent canyons. Sunrise and clouds are the featured natural views here. Simple and unembellished, the Taoist House in the forest was built in harmony with the whole scenery, which incarnates the religion's advocate of simplicity and austerity. The "Sacred Lamps" can be clearly seen in a clear summer evening. The lamps are to be lighted at the

Shangqing Palace

 . According to an ancient legend, Mount Qingcheng was a dwelling place for supernatural beings. Their leader, Master Zhang once lighted a lantern, people called it the "Sacred Lamp". In fact, the sacred lamp scene is just an outcome of burning oxidized phosphorus on a high mountain.


Mount Qingcheng has always been loved by the men of letters. Zhang Daqian, a famous Chinese contemporary painter eqaully famous with Qi Baishi, has  livied on Mountain Qingcheng since the 1940s. He traveled a lot in the area and created tounsands of famous paintings themed with the landscape and culture of Mountain Qingcheng. Majestic landscape, comfortable climate and rich cultural heritage made the mountain a tourist attraction. In Chinese Tradition, Many famous and talented people were mostly willing to being recluse if they found the best cultivation base they thought. Mountain Qingcheng in this way is the typical example to show this historical fact and also indeed the sacred mountain in culture. It is in this regard is equally famous with many other mountains such as the Jiuhua Buddhist Mountain, Mt.Emei, Mt.Zhongnanshan, Putuo Buddhist Mountain. Hence Qingcheng Mountain is a mountain like all famous mountains in China is famous for both its landscape and its culture related with philosophical belief




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