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Chengde Mountain Summer Resort


About Chengde Mountain Summer Resort

It had once been the summer resort for the Qing Dynasty's emperors to escape the very hot summer in Beijing and managing state affairs. Located 230 kilometers to the north of Chinese capital, it consists of Imperial Palace, Royal Garden and outlying temples. The resort had begun to build in 1703 and spent 89 years to complete.

In late seventeenth century, the Qing government strengthened their administrative power to the Mongolian region in northern China and intensified defense on the northern frontier. A paddock was set up in Mongolian steppe, 350 kilometers to the north of Beijing. Every autumn, the emperor, his concubines and his relatives, the ministers and the imperial army would go to the steppe to hunt. This was to train the army and step up defense on the frontier. On the route from Beijing to the hunting park, there were 21 royal palaces built, of which one of them was the Chengde Mountain Summer Resort.

Chengde Mountain Summer Resort has long and winding walls that surround the whole area, about 10,000 meters in length. It is the largest classical garden in China, two times the area of the Beijing Summer Palace. By comparing with Beijing's grandiose Forbidden City, Chengde Mountain Summer Resort is beautifully simplicity with natural elegance. It makes use the natural landscape as scenery and it reproduces the classical scenes from southeast China.

Chengde Mountain Summer Resort and its Outlying Temples are integrated as scenery as a whole, though they are very different in characters. The Outlying Temples are grand, awesome and beautifully decorated. They had all been listed in UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage in 1994, and Chengde had become one of the invaluable historical and cultural cities in China.

In addition to escaping the heat in the capital, Qing emperors used Chengde Mountain Summer Resort for unifying ethnic minorities living in China's northern frontiers. Emperors spent much time in the summer resort every year managing important state affairs, seeing foreign dignitaries and leaders of ethnic minorities. Chengde Mountain Summer Resort testifies China as a united multi-national state.
Chengde Mountain Summer Resort, China

The panoramic scene of Chengde Mountain Summer Resort



Travel Tips

Opening hours: 8:00AM to 5:30PM

Ticket: 90 RMB for peak season and 50 RMB for low season.

Transportation: Bus No. 5, 7, 11 or 15, from Chengde Railway Station as far as the summer resort, if by taxi, it will be quite cheap that you spend less than 10 RMB to the resort regardless where you get on a cab in the city.

The best time to visit Chengde Mountain Summer Resort may be in autumn. Tree leaves will all be golden red and they perhaps much beautiful than the southern autumn.

Hotels and guesthouses are many outside Chengde Mountain Summer Resort, but they are quite expensive with poor quality services. However, it is the best way to appreciate the beautiful night scenes.

Lake area is one of the best places in the summer resort. You can rent a small boat and row in the lake.

Zhenggong (正宫), Songhezhai (松鹤斋), Donggong (东宫) and Wanhesongfeng (万壑松风) are Qing Dynasty museums. They display the historical documents and fine arts from the dynasty.

Round-hill vehicle services are available to view most part of Chengde Mountain Summer Resort within shortest time, but be psychologically prepared that some sections during the ride are a little bit dangerous.
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