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Yuelu Academy


Yuelu Academy Yuelu Academy is the important cultural relic under the state-level protection, and one of the four ancient famous academies in ancient China. The Yuelu Academy (also known as "Yuelu Academy of Classical Learning") is located on the east side of Yuelu Mountain in Changsha, the capital of Hunan province, China, on the west bank of the Xiang River. Currently, Yuelu Academy is an important part of Hunan University, exactly the quintessential section of Hunan University as its calling card in China’s educational history. Honored to be the Thousand-Year University, Hunan University is proud to be the oldest university in the world relying on Yuelu Academy. It was founded in 976, the 9th year of the Song Dynasty under the reign of Emperor Kaibao, and was one of four most renowned Shuyuan (academies of higher learning). The renowned Confucian scholars Zhu Xi and Zhang Shi both lectured at the academy. In 1903 the academy became a university, and in 1926 it was officially named Hunan University.

Today, its existence means a lot under such a commercialized and wealth-oriented circumstance. China after 30-year reform and opening gains a lot but meanwhile loses a lot especially in tradition and culture. A lot of valuable thoughts and visual heritages have been denied or dismantled in the name of developing economy and modernization for globalization. In fact, many local authorities are misreading what is Yuelu Academymodernization and globalization. They think the traditional thought is out of date and harmful and they think the ancient architectures are uglify the whole city and do harm to the urbanization of city. Both of they are wrong totally. A city without history and culture is not charming. A city without tradition is homeless and aimless, just as a man without family. Many wrongdoings we have done against tradition and history have been shown in current establishment and development. Many ancient famous attractions or cities have been in trouble when they define their tourism or apply for world heritage. Yuelu Academy to some extent on behalf of Chinese education history and Chinese ancient elite culture has been well preserved. It is a good thing. Toady, Yuelu Academy serves as a center of publication and research of the ancient Chinese language, and is one of the most important academic and cultural centers in China. It is incomparably suitable for this. To be a Chinese cultural lover, Yuelu Academy is a must-see destination.





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