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Changchun Huguo Prajna Temple


The Huguo Prajna Temple is located off the northeastern corner of the magnificent People’s Square in downtown Changchun. Though there are countless Buddhist temples in China, this one holds a special reputation nationwide.

The layout of the Prajna Temple is representative of a typical Buddhist temple in China. The major structures on the central axis from south to north are: the gateway hall, the Heavenly Kings’ Hall, the Main Hall (where Sakyamuni’s statue is placed), and the Sutra Depository Building.

Gateway of the Huguo Prajna Temple, looking somewhat "unique" in downtown Changchun.


This is a relatively young temple, built in the 1930s, but immensely influential in Northeast China. At Buddhist festivals, pilgrims and visitors to the Temple often amount to tens of thousands a day. It becomes so crowded whenever a religious service is held that one may have trouble getting into the temple.

The Temple’s name “Prajna” refers to “the highest wisdom” in Buddhist context, which is rarely used by other temples in China. It was first built after the prestigious Buddhist monk Master Yanxu of the Tiantai Sect came to Changchun in 1923 and delivered his lectures on The Sutra of the Heart of Prajna. The present abbot, Master Chenggang is an equally respected and accomplished monk. Around forty practicing monks live here.

Now the Prajna Temple is the seat of The Buddhist Association of Changchun and The Buddhist Association of Jilin Province.

Eminent Monks of the Huguo Prajna Temple, Changchun


Master monk Yanxu, who was warmly greeted on his lecture tour in Changchun in 1923.The current abbot of the Prajna Temple - Master Chenggang



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