Beijing Tours

To call Beijing a major Eastern trade center is practically an understatement. It's an Olympic venue, a thriving marketplace, and a popular center for the world's largest human nation. Beijing combines many centuries of history with a modern "living face" as a 21st century mega-city that is increasingly open to foreign sight-seers. Absolute China Tours offers visitors from all over the world dozens of carefully designed Beijing tours that enables them to see all of the various unique faces that this city presents

Informed tourists will consult any of our Beijing Travel experts to book a Beijing budget tour filled with the best and most unique experiences. That's where Absolute China Tours can help! We're a premier China Travel Agency that can get you in-depth information if you plan to travel to Beijing for a vacation.

Beijing for All Occasions

Whether you plan to travel to Beijing for a special occasion, or you are taking Beijing tours as part of a larger itinerary, take a look at the superior China travel services you can get from Absolute China Tours and get unparalleled access to this glorious city. As a premier Beijing travel and tour agency covering all of China's famous landmarks, we know that a tour isn't just a list of "destinations". With our guided Beijing tours, you'll see the social side of Beijing as well as the architecture and the culture along with historical dates and information.

Beijing tour destinations

On our tours, you can:

• See Tiananmen Square – explore this well-known central spot in modern Chinese history
• View the Great Wall – travel to a local access point on this ancient "world wonder" site
• Explore various tombs, temples, and cultural/religious sites around the city
• Take in some of the local flavor at top-rated Beijing restaurants
• Visit shopping districts to get a feel for the commercial culture of Beijing

All of this and more can be found on the multi-day Beijing tour packages we arrange on a continual basis for any itinerary, customizing tour packages to your schedule through our Beijing travel and tour experts.

Browsing and Booking

For more on budget Beijing tours, talk to our travel experts whose interest in the central China tours is combined with a lot of experience bringing visitors into the big city. Our travel experts will help get your Beijing tours booked, set up your tour length and check off must-see details.

You can also use our China Travel Guide page to get an advanced look at some of the sights around Beijing, or to get a little more of an idea of what's involved in our services of Beijing Tours. Call or email today to book Beijing Budget Tours!