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Beijing Drum Tower(Gulou)

Beijing Drum Tower,also called Gulou
Drum tower is a two-storey building of 47.9 meters high.

Drum Tower(Gulou, 鼓楼) is located in the Central Axis of Beijing of Dongcheng District(东城区). It is the center of time service in Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasty as well as Bell Tower(Zhonglou, 钟楼) which is situated about 100 meters north to the Drum Tower. They were built on the mid-axes, because the national standard time should be announced via the sound of striking the bell and drum and traditionally called it “Dusk Drum and Dawn Bell”(暮鼓晨钟)".

►The time management system of ancient China:
This Bell and Drum Tower was established in 1420, and originally separated into Bell Tower and Drum Tower. The management system of this tower was brought into 24 governmental departments and it mainly took responsibility of telling time to all the citizens in the city. At that time, each day was divided into 12 time sections, namely: mouse, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig time. Each one was on behalf of 2 hours. In general, mouse time meant the time between 23 o'clock to 1 o'clock of the next day. The other time could be analogized following the order and subsequence of next 11 time sections.
the handpainting Beijing Drum Tower,also called Gulou
The handpainting Beijing Drum Tower

The Drum Tower has been opened officially since New Years Day of 2002. Nowadays Bell and Drum Tower has shifted off its responsibility of telling time because of the rapidly developed modern science. The melodious sound of the bell and drum at dawn and dark can't be heard any more in daily life. However, during the Spring Festival, the vigorous sound of bell and drum could be enjoyed. It is another attraction of Beijing tours.

Nearby Subway Station:
Guloudajie Station, Subway Line 2
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