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Simatai Great Wall

Simatai Great wall, Beijing, China

The Simatai Section of Great Wall(司马台长城) is in Gubeikou(古北口) Town to the northeast of Miyun County(密云县), about 120 kilometers from downtown Beijing. It is famous for its five characters of "steepness, compactness, queerness, wonderfulness and comprehensiveness". In 1987, Simatai Great Wall has been listed by UNESCO into the World Cultural Heritage.
Simatai Great wall, Beijing, China

►The outstanding characteristics of Simatai Section of Great Wall is the maintenance of the original apperance.
The Simatai Section has a length of 5.4 kilometers that starts from the Capital Watching Tower to the east, to Chuankou to the west ; with 35 enemy watching towers are stood. Simatai is the only part of ancient Great Wall with the original features of the Ming Dynasty best preserved. It was architected under the famous general Qi Jiguang(戚继光)’s supervision and his original creation in the Wanli Years of the Ming Dynasty. It incorporates various characteristics of the world's miraculous architecture and at the same time bears its unique features. Professor Luo Zhewen, the prestigious Great Wall expert, praised "China's Great Walls are the best all around the world, while Simatai deserves the best among all Chinese Great Wall sections."
Simatai Great wall, Beijing, China
►Two parts of Simatai Great Wall
Simatai is divided into eastern and western parts by a hill valley with a rainbow-like chain bridge crossing over. The hills in the west are sloping gently and the jade kylin (unicorn) embossment on the General Tower shows which own originality and vividness. Have a walk in the rural field while looking the ancient defense architecture is leisure and relaxing. There are two springs called Mandarin Duck Springs(鸳鸯溪) in the valley. The east spring is cold, while the west is warm (about 37 degrees Celsius all the time). The two springs joined into one lake, half cold and the other warm. Boat services are provided to give you a good chance to tour around the scenic lake.

The eastern section of Simatai is like a golden dragon with majestic vigor flying up on the mountain from the lake. The altitude is from 295 meters above sea level up to 986 meters within a 2.4-km distance. The whole section is of unique design with refined and innovated architectural concept, and is in different look in every part, thus it has always been known as the essence of the Great Wall. Overlook the far off scenery on the majestic high ground, the field of vision of northern China's landscape is in the eyes of yours. On a clear day, you'll be quite happy to see the white clouds floating in the azure blue sky, the pretty doves flying freely, as well as the smell of the grass and soil, the calling of chicken and barking of dogs in local small villages. So refreshing ! At here, you can also see the mystical Capital Watching Tower(望京楼), stunning the Heaven Bridge(天桥)and simple Cat's Eye Tower.
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