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Sanlitun bar street

Sanlitun bar street, Beijing, China

Sanlitun(三里屯) bar street

  maybe has Chinese largest and most famous bar streets apart from massive international stores, and also is the hot destination for young, fashionable and foreign people to enjoy themselves. Sanlitun located in east side of Chaoyang District of Beijing was named after its three-mile distance from downtown of Beijing. 

In Ming and Qing Dynasties, it was under the administration of Daxing County of Beijing. In 1962, it was the major place for residing many ambassadors, and many foreign embassies were located here; at the time, it was named North Embassy District. Subsequently, Sanlitun gradually became the dense living area of foreign ambassadors as well as their families in China. It is also an important shopping area and place for dealing with foreign affairs.

Sanlitun bar street, Beijing, China

Sanlitun Bar Street is located at the eastern side of Tunbei Road in Sanlitun is 260 meters long and covers 1648 square meters. This street includes 79 embassies like Canadian Embassy, Australian Embassy, French Embassy, Belgium Embassy and German Embassy and so on. It also has 7 branches of international organizations like United Nations Development Program. Beijing Sanlitun Bar Street is one of the most welcomed and hot amusement streets for nightlife and the popular place for foreigners and domestic famous people or rich men to amuse themselves. There are more than 30 bars on both streets and more than 200 bars are deeply located further in Hutongs.


Sanlitun bar street, Beijing, China

Sanlitun boasts the earliest bar street in Beijing. Chinese first bar was opened in 1989. These earliest bars were generally located near to the living residences of these overseas ambassadors and foreigners; gradually, many travelers, celebrities and white-collars are always relaxing themselves over there.
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