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Beijing Zoo


Beijing Zoo

 is located in the avenue of Xizhimen in Haidian district of Beijing city. It covers an area of 86 hectares, of which 8.6 hectares is covered by water. Its original name is Nature Museum and West-suburb Park. It is the earliest zoo with maximum kinds of animals in China. Since 1906, it has existed for more than 100 years. Many precious wild animals are raised and fostered here. More than 490 kinds of animals, the entire quantity of which reaches 5000, are kept here at present. It is one of the largest zoos in China now.



It was the royal garden in the Ming Dynasty. In the Qing Dynasty, it became the private garden of Fukangan, one of an authoritative minister's sons and was commonly known as Sanbeizi Garden. The eastern part of the garden was called Leshan Garden, and the western one Ke Garden. In 1906, these two parts were integrated and some animals were gathered here, and then it was renamed Wansheng Garden. After the foundation of PRC in 1949, it was refitted and enlarged. Subsequently, people called it West-suburb Park. From then on, each kind of animal has their own independent room, such as rhinoceros room, hippo room, lion-tiger hill, bear hill, monkey hill, deer garden, elephant hall, antelope room, giraffe room, panda room, sea-animal room, orangutan room and so on. China's special and precious animals include panda, golden monkey, Manchurian Tiger, elk, red-crowned crane, white-lipped deer, Tibetan yaks and so on. There are many representative animals from different regions of the world such as chimpanzee, kangaroo, catamount, Mexican manatee, wisent, French tiger and so on.







Author: Wu Hao Posted on Jan. 29, 2012
Edited by Sophie Zhu on Feb. 24, 2014

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