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Beijing Tanzhe Temple

  tanzhe temple beijing

Tanzhe Temple(潭柘寺) is located in the southeast of Mentougou district of Beijing, at the foot of Baozhu Mountain. It is so named because a deep pool called Longtan is behind the temple and a tree named Zhi is in front of the temple.

Tanzhe Temple

  is the oldest temple in Beijing. It emerged 800 years earlier than that of Beijing City. Tanzhe Temple was built in 265 or so. Initially, it was called Jiafu Temple, and so far it has a history of  more than 1700 years. Behind the Temple are nine peaks. And there is also a peak in front of the temple, which looks like a huge screen. It is just situated in such a golden location that was adored by the ancient Chinese. 
tanzhe temple beijing

Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty once praised it that this area could rival Wutai Mountain in beauty.


tanzhe temple beijing


As the most ancient Buddhist Holy Land in Beijing, therefore, Tanzhe Temple is famous for ancient magnolia trees. Two tall and straight purple magnolia trees stand in the yard since the Qing Dynasty. Both of them share names”Daqiao” and “Xiaoqiao” with two beautiful daughters of Wu. Because of the good look of these two girls, you can imagine how gorgeous the purple magnolias are. In the middle of April, the flower is in full bloom and the fragrance raid the human.

tanzhe temple beijing


tanzhe temple beijing


tanzhe temple beijing


tanzhe temple


Travel tips

Add: Tantuo Mountain, Mentougou District
Tel: 86-10-6-861699
Hour: Summer: 8:00 to 16:30 Winter: 8:30 to 16:00
Fee: ¥55
Get in: Take Bus 7 at Qianmen,or Bus 931 at Pingguoyuan.
Metro Line 1: get off at Xice Bus Station(西侧公交站), change to Bus 931 and get off at the terminal.


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Author: Wu Hao  Posted on Jan 29,2012

 re-edited by Sophia on Feb 19,2014




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