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Beijing Gubeikou

Gubeikou is located in the north of Miyun County in Beijing, and it is one of the traffic hubs from south to north in the region of the Yanshan Mountain ranges. It is lying against Panlong and Wohu Mountains. It is also near Qingfeng and Diecui Mountains. 

According to the records, the time of establishment of Gubeikou was in the Tang Dynasty. Since the Five States period, this region had been ruled by the minority people. After Ming Dynasty replaced Yuan Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang, the first emperor of Ming Dynasty, ordered his general, Xu Da, to build up or restore the Great Wall. Guibeikou, at that time, became one of the first group of passes built by Xu Da in Ming Dynasty.


Guibeikou section of the Great Wall is differing from it in Badalin. This section is an un-repaired part of old great wall. Via the broken great wall, you can directly feel the magnificence and significance. It was anciently the door of the Beijing. It is the important military center.



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gubeikou section of the Great Wall



gubeikou great wall




gubeikou great wall




gubeikou great wall

gubeikou great wall

gubeikou great wall

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