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Badaling Great Wall

Badaling great wall, Beijing, China


Badaling Great Wall

is one of the nine wonders on earth, and also the quintessential section of the Great Wall in China. It is the representative of the Great Wall established in the Ming Dynasty.

Badaling Great Wall is the earliest section opened to tourists. Badaling Scenic Area is mainly characterized by the Badaling Great Wall with multi-functional modernized facilities for tourism service such as Badaling Hotel, Quanzhou Cinema and China Great Wall Museum inscribed directly by Jiang Zemin, the former president of China. It is undoubted the best preserved section of the Great Wall with the all-sided service facilities.
China Great Wall Museum, Beijing
The above picture shows the China Great Wall Museum.

The Badaling section of Great Wall is located in Yanqing County(延庆县) of Beijing. Badaling Great Wall was established in 1505 and restored in later times. It is world famous for its magnificent scenery, perfect facilities and profound culture and history. Anciently it was the importance way to Shanxi Province and Inner Mongolia. In 1998, Badaling Expressway was established to open. Furthermore, the annual average temperature of Badaling area is three Celsius degrees lower than downtown Beijing, so it is also the hot tourist destination of Yanqing in summer.

The available length of Badaling Great Wall for tour is 3,741 meters (the south part is 1,176 meter and the north part is 2,565 meter). In 1953, it was restored and opened to be the tourist destination. There are 16 forts in total. In 1961, Badaling section of the Great Wall was listed to be the first batch of cultural relics under the national-class protection. In 1982, it was ranked to be the national key scenic spot. In 1986, it was officially commented to be the top of national top-ten scenic spots. In 1987, it was ranked into the List of World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. From 1995 to 2000, there were more than 300 country leaders all over the world visited Badaling Great Wall.
Since Badaling Great Wall is a card of China, if you has not climbed Great Wall, you can never say you ever have been to China. Great wall in four seasons are nice. But in spring, she is even more beautiful because of many flowers covering in the mountains around her. Apricot tree here is different from others which are planted in the gardens; it’s wild and natural, living here and there with its freedom. When you feel a little tired for climbing the great wall, why not take a break and look around, you will find you are surrounded in a flower sea.

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