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Anshun Dragon Palace(Anshun Long Gong)

To Chinese people, a magnificent dragon palace of karst caves in underground is not only appeared in some ancient Chinese poets' imagination. It is called the Anshun Dragon Palace (Anshun Long Gong, 安顺龙宫) that actually exists in Anshun City of Guizhou Province in southwest China, located approximately 30 kilometers to the Huangguoshu Waterfalls (Yellow Fruit Tree Falls, literally). 

Length about 15 kilometers, passing through over 20 natural tunnels in mountains and caves counting to near 100. The whole scenic spot has been formed by a branch of the Beipanjiang River, which flowed underground into the earth and the water currents have passed through the ruptures for several million years. It is well known for "deep caves, odd rocks, spiritual water and strange falls" that look like an underwater palace for legendary giant dragons' living. 
The Anshun Dragon Palace scenic area has the most number of water eroded caves in the world and the Dragon Gate Flying Falls, the largest waterfall in China is seen here. If you are traveling near the scene, you will first hear the stunning sound of falling water long before you actually see the falls, which has an elevation of over 50 meters and width of 26 meters. Water falls down as if a fierce dragon coming to the world. 

The largest Buddhist temple in cave in China – the Kwan-yin (Goddess of Mercy) Cave Temple, in which all the halls were not built by man but nature! 32 Buddha statues, including a giant Kwan-yin, are made very in harmony with the natural scenery in the cave. The three 16-square-meter Chinese characters "观音洞" (Kwan-yin Cave) are inscribed by Zhao Pochu, former chairman of the China National Buddhist Association. 

Anshun Dragon Palace, Guizhou, China

The low radiation and beautiful cole flowers in this area attracts lots of visitors every year.

Visiting to the Dragon Palace is so beneficial to human's health. The natural radiation is fairly low here with pleasant climates in four seasons, especially in summer, it is a good place for all to escape from heat wave in cities.
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