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  • 2016 G20 in Hangzhou
  • Family Vacation
  • Classic China Tour
  • China Gourmet
  • China Wonders
  • 2016 G20 in Hangzhou
Welcome to Absolute China Tours

With over 28 years of experience in the travel industry, Absolute China Tours is not only a fully licensed and registered agency but has also been granted by the China National Tourism Administration. Offering tailor made tours we adhere to absolute service, price and experience and provide families, individuals or groups the absolute travel experience.

Experience Avatar in Zhangjiajie

Discover the floating mountains

From US$ 395 per person

China Wonders with Tibet

Dream trip to China including Tibet

From US$ 2106 per person

Amazing Xiamen

Slow your pace and enjoy leisure time in Xiamen

From US$ 57 per person

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Customer Feedbacks

Dear Eric,
The schedule was very well organized, trying to fill our time with visits to interesting points. If we were younger we would like to spend more time exploring the geo-park, visiting less accessible tiankengs and contacting with local people. May be another time. The guides are very professional and friendly and I think in the end we establish a true friendship.
You can be sure that if I have the opportunity of organize another trip to China I will hire your services.
Best Regards!
Carlos Almeida

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Recommended Destinations in May
With the coming of May, the temperature of most parts of China has reached warm level. The best season to visit China is coming. If you have any plans to travel in China, you better grasp the right time. Whether to climb the mountains or tour the cities, May will be a great time neither too hot nor too cold. Here, we recommend some destinations in China for your references. Ltd ©2008-2016

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